Not Home Alone After-School Program
Eliana Sillas: Director, NHA

Not Home Alone (NHA) is an educational enrichment program for latchkey children attending James B. Bonham Elementary and John K. Kennedy schools in East Dallas. The program serves up to 30 children from grades K-6, ages 5 through 12.  A large majority of the families in the area are economically disadvantaged,  with the parents employed in low income jobs.  The focus of the program is to target the children who would otherwise be home alone, unsupervised and at-risk. 

  The Not Home Alone program provides:

  • a safe and nurturing place to be after school
  • a place where he/she can be tutored one-on-one
  • a place where children can experience some of the things that spark a youngster's zest for life
  • a place to learn to communicate through dialogue and other forms of expression and
  • a place to build self-esteem as well as higher level thinking and problem solving skills 

Founded in 1992, NHA is in its 23rd year of operation at Agape Memorial United Methodist Church. NHA is under the direction of Agape Memorial UMC's Outreach Committee.  Your prayers, volunteer participation, and/or financial donations are greatly appreciated.